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Our Mission

The Butterfly Effect

Invested Woman's mission is to promote the equal representation in today's financial climate so women aren't underrepresented. By tapping into innate female investment skills, which have long displayed characteristics that parallel financial success, we will grow to see new heights and opportunities for women in regards to their investments and financial futures.

The butterfly effect believes in the smallest of actions today creating a noticeable difference in the world of tomorrow. This theory applies directly with the world of personal finance, where small changes in a portfolio now can have significant affects on your accumulated wealth down the road. Take the first step in launching a trajectory towards a long lasting financial future.

Our primary goal is to close the investment and financial literacy gap between men and women.



Empowering women by harnessing knowledge and building confidence to invest.

Client and Advisor Relationship

Client and Advisor Relationship

Together we will mutually discover the recommendation that gives you comfort, confidence, and economic peace of mind.

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